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April 2018

Herons visited Longleat on a class trip to learn more about Rainforests. We had a fantastic talk from two of the Longleat rangers and we got to see and touch some animals from the Rainforest too!Here are some of the things Herons wanted to share about our trip:

"I enjoyed seeing the wolves." Liam

"When we saw the amardillo it was very funny and now it is my favourite animal." Frankie

"The amardillo was so cute." Bonnie

"I enjoyed seeing the cheetahs." Hannah

"We saw a tegu. It can smell food 3ft in the ground. It was black and white and it felt like a 100 different beads attached to its skin." Lottie


February 2018

What a fantastic start we have had to 2018 in Herons! We have been very lucky to have Miss Trenchard teach us how to play the violin. We started by plucking the strings and now we are learning to use a bow! Herons are also very lucky to have Victoria, a qualified FA football coach, coming in for the whole of the spring term to teach the children passing and receiving skills. As well as developing our ability to work as part of a team. We have also been learning to dance like an Egyptian!

Here are some pictures of our learning so far!

Home Learning - February 2018 Half Term. Please click here for the home learning letter.

Home Learning October Half Term - Please click here for the home learning letter.

October 2017

On Friday 13th October 2017, Herons had a sleepover at school. We had great fun making dream catchers to keep the bad dreams away and share all our good dreams. We played hide and seek around the school and had a disco in the dark too! It was ended by watching a film with hot chocolate. We had such a great time and the pictures below just show how much fun we all had.

September 2017

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Swindon Steam Museum September 2017

Herons had a fantastic start to their World War Two topic with a visit to the Swindon STEAM museum. We learnt all about air raids and even went in an air raid shelter! We also learnt lots about what it was like to be an evacuee.

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March 2017

We have had another great term in Herons. This term, we have been busy practising and performing the play 'Hoodwinked', singing at a care home and we have been learning lots too! We are also visiting the City Hall to sing there next week with children from other schools. 

In English, we have enjoyed learning about the Frost Unicorn. We invented our own different unicorns and created reports about them. Our fantastic reports included the Hulk Unicorn, Party Unicorn, the Emergency Unicorn and many more imaginative unicorns! 

In Design and Technology we have been developing our sewing skills. These skills helped us to create our own rainforest animal bag out of a t-shirt. 

We have been learning about different collage techniques and have created different styles of collage using Paul Klee and Victor Vasarely as inspiration. 


October 2016

This term, Herons have been fortunate to learn to play the violin and recorder in Music. They have been learning how to hold the musical instruments correctly and beginning to play some notes too! Here are some pictures of us enjoying our first few lessons;

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