Year 2 have had a super start to the New Year!

In English, we have learnt the story of ‘Samson’s Titanic journey’. We can use great expression and actions to retell the story. The children will now be writing their own exciting journey story.

In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of a number and we are now applying what we have learnt to calculations.

Woodpeckers’ have enjoyed learning about the artist Henri Matisse.We worked in teams to create our own snail collages, which look great! We have also been learning about primary colours and their complimentary colours.

In PE, we have really enjoyed our football sessions with the coach. We have learnt to dodge from side to side and how to trick our opponents. In Gymnastics, we have been exploring how to roll and spin our bodies in different ways. We are getting very good at rolling!

This term, we thoroughly enjoyed our class trip to Wagamamas, We sampled different types of fruit juice, tasted some special ingredients and carefully weighed out the ingredients for our own noodle meals!

Meet the Teacher 12.09.2017

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We have had another fantastic term in Woodpeckers!

We enjoyed writing instructions for 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. We soon realised that the toy animals from our class had escaped and wanted to play a game of hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, this resulted in them getting very muddy in the playground so we had first hand-experience of washing lots of different animals. We were then very creative and we wrote  our own set of instructions about how to wash an animal.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Cathedral. Key Stage One completed a variety of art activities, including printing and collage, in addition to appreciating the Cathedral’s art and architecture.


In maths, we have been focusing on measure. We had a wonderful time cooking chocolate chip cookies, making sure that we weighed the ingredients accurately on the scales. We also read a number of thermometers around the school and compared the temperatures.


In Science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. This week, we had a great afternoon in the sunshine building habitats for a mini-beast; we had to think carefully about its basic needs to survive and make sure that our habitat provided them.


We have had a fantastic term in Woodpeckers. We have spent a lot of time rehearsing for our infants Nativity, 'A Wriggly Nativity'. The children have done an amazing job at learning their lines and the songs and performing them with confidence!


In English, we have been learning about traditional tales and focusing particularly on 'Little Red Riding Hood'. The children retold and acted out the story and were super authors when re-writing the story.


We have been practicing our times tables in maths and learning all about fractions. We have used objects to help us to find a half, quarter, three quarters and a third of a number.


The children are very excited about Christmas and had a lovely time decorating our class tree. We also have a pesky elf 'Alfie' who is spending some time with us -  causing a lot of mischief.


In Woodpeckers, the children have had a fantastic start to the new school year!

In English we have been reading and reciting poems by Edward Lear. The children enjoyed learning 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and they can recite the first verse with actions. We have also been reading limericks -  enjoying the rhythm and rhyming words.


In Maths we have been learning about money. The children have been challenging themselves by trying to come up with a number of different ways of making an amount using coins.


Our whole school topic for this term is 'How times change!' We have been comparing life in the 1960s to life today. The children have created some fantastic Andy Warhol self -portraits and really enjoyed learning about toys and how they have changed in the last five decades. We loved playing with Wombles, hula hoops, Mr Potato Heads, train sets and Lego.



The children really enjoyed our visit from the police officers. They talked about their uniforms and the things they carry and use. We discussed which materials these were made of and why. The children loved having the opportunity to try on some of the uniform!

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